Implementing the New View


  1. The New View of Health and Safety pdf
  2. Overview of new view implementation (v3d) pdf

System Learning and Worker Engagement Methods

  1. The Power of Learning Teams - Unleashing Collective Knowledge (v2d) pdf
  2. Asking Better Questions - Understanding Work As Performed pdf
  3. Iceberg Model worksheet (Improve understanding of problems and opportunities)v2 pdf
  4. Stop Work Authority
  5. Critical Task of the Day
  6. Post Task Debrief
  7. Evaluating Procedures and the 'blue line'


  1. New View metrics and measurement

Measurement and Metrics

  1. Transforming Incident Investigation to Incident Learning
  2. Assessing organizational culture
  3. The role of leadership when implementing the New View
  4. Building a safety and health control structure - Management System